Resident Coworkers

At Camphill Ghent, we have coworkers who live in the community and participate in care work, festival and cultural life, land work and other community tasks:

  • CARE WORK: Resident coworkers assist with personal care (activities of daily living) and also includes housekeeping, passing medication, and providing soul care through meaningful companionship and conversation.
  • CULTURAL AND FESTIVAL LIFE: Resident coworkers participate in our celebration of different cultural activities and multi-faith, multi-tradition events and festivities. Resident coworkers are involved in planning, implementing and participating in our cultural life.
  • LAND WORK: Resident coworkers care for our gardens and in the winter time, help manage with outdoor tasks like snow removal.

As a resident coworker, you will be provided with either a studio or one-bedroom apartment and access to shared amenities with other coworkers. Your living costs will be covered with a monthly stipend and you will also receive health insurance.

All resident coworkers are provided trainings to become certified as NY State home health aide.


Download a coworker application here. If you have questions, please email [email protected].