Camphill Ghent Begins Vaccinations

Camphill Ghent began offering the COVID-19 vaccination last week to both residents and staff. Partnering with our local Walgreens to offer the BioNTech Phizar Vaccine is an instrumental step towards ensuring both the safety and increased activity level for the elders in our care. While our residents have enjoyed some visits and a variety of activities despite the infringements of the pandemic, having the majority of our population vaccinated seems a welcome light at the end of a long tunnel of restrictions.

Thus far, 26 out of 29 residents in our Assisted Living homes have been vaccinated, plus 68% of our staff. Additionally, over half of our Independent Living residents have opted to receive the vaccine. More have said they will follow suit. The two clinics we have hosted so far have gone quickly and smoothly due to the support of the very helpful Walgreens staff and our own staff. Thankfully, everyone has responded well to the vaccine. By the end, we will have hosted 4 clinics.

“I am grateful to the Camphill Ghent elder community for their resilience and to our staff for doing all their best to keep everyone safe and engaged during this pandemic”, says Onat Sanchez-Schwartz, Camphill Ghent executive director. “I hope that as more staff and residents receive the vaccine, we become more protected from COVID-19 and a sense of normalcy in our community can resume.”

Camphill Ghent identifies as a holistic community with elders; while we have taken every measure possible to ensure the safety of the elders in our care, having a more closed community goes against our social grain. Being able to resume a robust level of activities and visits will help our community to be more balanced both physically and psychologically. We are so grateful to be able to take this necessary step towards securing the health and wellness of all those in our care.