Camphill Ghent Establishes On-site Food Pantry & Offers Grocery Gift Boxes to Honor Devoted Staff

Times of mutual trials create opportunities to demonstrate care and devotion for our fellow community members.

Preserving the health and safety of our residents is a great priority here at Camphill Ghent. We have, therefore, required all residents to remain in the community until the acute dangers of COVID 19 pass. Receiving a grant with which to purchase much needed non-perishable food items has proven a huge asset at this time. Independent Living residents just place an order and come by to pick it up when ready. Many smiling faces have left our pantry with arms full of needed food items.

In addition, we have gifted our care staff with huge boxes of food. Again, this was well received. It was a pleasant surprise in an otherwise difficult time. We are so fortunate as to have extremely devoted care- givers and were eager to show our appreciation of their efforts during this time. The pandemic brings with it many stressors that our staff has handled with commitment and grace. Such trying times give us the chance to express our gratitude. We thank our staff, our true heroes!

We thank The Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation (BTCF) for the generous grant that allowed us to create this on-site food pantry and also provide boxes of groceries for our devoted care staff.

Article by Kristina Labaty