Camphill Ghent says thank you to Gili Melamed-Lev and Announces New Chamber Music Series

Seven years ago “The Concerts at Camphill Ghent” began.  Seven years ago Gili Melamed-Lev, a very fine and innovative musician and good friend of our community, joined us in helping to manifest Karl König’s vision that Camphill centers could become islands of culture for our time.  She created and directed “The Concerts at Camphill Ghent”, which for the past seven years has been one of the pillars helping to shape the cultural life of our community.

Our elder residents could be inspired and uplifted by the finest chamber music, often bringing new insights to their personal lives and also peace.  The concert series brought many people to Camphill Ghent as well, people who were touched by the music in a special way as they experienced the intimate setting, the fine musicians and creative programs, and the beauty of our community.   Many of these concert guests have become faithful friends of Camphill Ghent. One person described the experience by saying, “My life has been changed by this concert series.”

We are now in a transition and Camphill Ghent will incorporate concerts in a different way into our community life.  Gili is expanding her vision and will offer a concert series in the local community that features the same caliber of innovative programs and extraordinary musicians. She will bring four concerts to Camphill Ghent in the upcoming year, too, sponsored by our activities department (please see the list of concerts below). We hope you will join us for these and other fine concerts that Camphill Ghent is offering residents!

In her letter to the Camphill Ghent community announcing this change, Gili closed by saying, “My love and respect for this amazing community will continue to inspire me and my work.” Iwould like to respond to Gili (and I think I can speak for our community), “Thank you! We will continue to value your friendship and be inspired by your amazing work, too!”

With these few words we wish to express our deepest gratitude to Gili for her vision, friendship, musicianship, community outreach and all she has brought so tirelessly to Camphill Ghent. And we look forward to both our continued friendship and to a new experience of musical, cultural collaboration! – Written by Anna Rée.

Onat’s note: Thank you Gili for bringing your commitment, dedication, and musical artistry to the Concerts at Camphill Ghent for the last seven years. I look forward to our continued collaboration! In fact, Gili and I are already planning for the 2020 season. Stay tuned!