An Inspiring Visit from Bowdoin College Students

This past month, residents of Camphill Ghent were graced with the presence of a group of students from Maine’s Bowdoin College. The students were on their Spring Break Vacation, but instead of heading off to the beach, they were engaged in a volunteer service trip as part of the Bowdoin College “Alternative Spring Break” program.

This program, which is entirely self-organized by the students themselves, allows undergraduates to use their break from school to learn about and gain hands-on experience with the issues in the world that matter to them. All of the members of this group were interested in the lives of individuals in our society who face developmental challenges. This interest led them to investigate, among other organizations, the Camphill Movement. They lived and worked at Camphill Triform for several days, and also toured Camphill Ghent and gave a very well-received group presentation in the Hall.

Anyone with doubts or concerns about the ethics or idealism of our younger generation will have had those entirely dispelled by the bright, warm-hearted, and loving enthusiasm of this wonderful group of young people. Very inspiring!