Service Volunteer Spotlight: Leonie Pesch

Leonie Pesch, a 12-month service volunteer, arrived at Camphill Ghent last fall to spend a year living and working in our community. Leonie, 18, found Camphill Ghent through Freunde, a German organization sponsored by the Friends of Waldorf Education that offers placements for volunteers worldwide.


In her own words: “I came to Camphill Ghent one year ago with plenty of curiosity about this new place. In the end of August, I will leave with lots of memories, experience and the assurance of a whole community, that will always welcome me. I want to thank everyone here for their advice in all kinds of things, their help, their openness and support, the fun we had and of course all the stories I got to hear about former times.”

Thank you Leonie! Our community will miss you – a lot! You are kind, gentle, helpful, takes initiative – a good soul! Please know that Camphill Ghent will always be here as your second home! – Gratefully, Onat