Resident Spotlight: Joyce Monges

From City to Country: Joyce Monges Comes to Willow Lodge

Katharine and Joyce Monges

The biggest challenge Joyce Monges is going to face in her move to Willow Lodge is how to deal with the quiet. Coming from metropolitan New York and New Jersey, Joyce is used to the hustle and bustle – and noise – of city life. “I’m happy to be here,” she said recently, surrounded by a sea of boxes as she and daughter Katherine unpacked. “It’s a beautiful place.” Katherine, who lives down the hall in Willow Lodge, is thrilled to have her mother as part of our Camphill Ghent community. She brings with her Tenderheart, a stunning black and white cat who already seems at home in Willow Lodge.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, Joyce is a native New Yorker. A graduate of New York University and Columbia University, she has always worked in the city. For many years, she worked in administration in the Anthropology Department at Columbia University. Prior to that, Joyce worked for the Dutch airlines KLM and Time, Inc.

One of the challenges of downsizing has been coming from a series of large houses, said Joyce as she acknowledged juggling for space in her new home. The family home for many years was a large house in Leonia, New Jersey, where Katherine grew up, attending the Steiner school at 78th and Madison Avenue in New York. From there, Joyce moved into a carriage house on the Dow Jones estate in Englewood, New Jersey, also a fairly large space. She eventually moved to a smaller apartment in Englewood, but it has been a gradual transition.

Once she is unpacked, Joyce said she is “looking forward to boredom,” relaxing, playing the piano and indulging in one of her favorite pastimes, reading. Active with the New York City branch of the Anthroposophical Society since the early 1960s, Joyce said she is also looking forward to spending more time on activities like that. Joyce said she is looking forward to her new chapter in life and being close to her daughter. “I will get used to the country,” she said. “The timing is right this time.”