A Unique Elder Community

How We Differ

Camphill Ghent is a residential community for elders who appreciate living independently within a lively community, but who would also like occasional help with daily challenges, ranging from housekeeping and cooking to maintenance and driving services. Camphill Ghent can also accommodate ambulatory adults who need more support, including 24-hour access to assistance and care. Camphill Ghent is more than simply another retirement-living option. It is a community that acknowledges that elders want the necessary support to continue to enjoy a meaningful life.

The mission of Camphill Ghent is inspired by the traditions and values of the worldwide Camphill movement:  to care for, celebrate, embrace and honor the special strengths and needs of those in their elder years.

For seventy years, the Camphill movement has been building communities around the world based on care inspired by Anthroposophy where the individual has been honored for their integrity and value to the community as a whole. Therefore our name is "Camphill Ghent, Elders in Community" because each member of the Community, whether disabled or gifted, has an opportunity to contribute to the lives of others and, likewise, to benefit from the experiences and endeavors of the others.


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